The Department of Food Quality Management was established in 2002 on the initiative of Prof. dr hab. Jacek Kijowski, who became it first head. It was created by combining the Department of Poultry Product Technology and the Department of Nuclear Methods in Agriculture.

The core of the newly formed Department was provided by the Department of Poultry Product Technology, thus for all these years one of the main directions in our activity has been connected with research in quality evaluation of poultry raw materials, their detailed chemical and biological analyses, processability as well as applicability of meat and eggs for processing. It is a continuation of research conducted by Prof. dr hab. Adam Niewiarowicz, an outstanding researcher of profound knowledge, who organized the first Polish research unit focusing on poultry products.

Being aware of the current challenges it was decided over 20 years to create a modern research unit working in the field of quality management and food safety. Next to poultry and egg technology the conducted research has been gradually expanded to include many other commodity groups of both animal and plant origin. Research tasks performed at our Department concern major problems connected with quality management and the systemic approach to consumer health safety of produced food, and recently also sustainable development in the agri-food sector. Commodity science problems related to food quality management food have also been included in the teaching activity of our unit.  

The systemic approach to quality management and food safety is a requirement and a chance to provide modern education to ensure that our graduates find interesting jobs in their profession. Such a direction in the research and teaching activity of our Department as a unit at the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition meets expectations of both our students and their prospective employers. Many graduates find employment not only in Poland, but also in other countries within the European Union and beyond.